DJ Mondo accepts Pope’s tacit approval of everything he says and does. 


To my surprise and great pleasure, I caught Pope Francis giving me the holy ‘thumbs up’ from a bookstore window on Michigan Avenue today.

Since the cardboard cutout is licensed by the Catholic Church, it undoubtedly represents the Holy Father’s approval of everything that passes by that section of street. I’m not sure if the Pontiff heard my tunes Scorched, The Pious DJ or Vulcan Sex Pinch, but I’ll accept his “Keep up the good work, Mondo.” with all the grace and humility that a secular cyborg DJ from the future can muster.

You’re welcome, Vatican.



Enough chest-beating, already. I’m sore.

Humans, much like the frilled lizard, often use attitude over substance to affect the perception of their relative size.

This is particularly apparent in an election year.

Anyway, check out this tune…


New mobile Skull Island Sessions added to DJ Mondo’s YouTube channel

I added  a few new sound sketches the YouTube channel.

Working out a few ideas, but it’s also a test for capturing sound via direct input to my camera. It’s difficult to find the right gain and get clear sound without clipping. But hopefully, this will mean more spur-of-the-moment mobile video beat making.

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DJ Mondo makes a few notes for his acceptance speech.

It’s election year and DJ Mondo throws his do-rag into the ring in a bid to be the President of Techno-Funk.

Since no one else is running, he’ll probably get it.

Skull Island Sessions: DJ Mondo gets territorial.

A quirky track called (This is) Our City. Interesting in an age where humans are desperate to socialize, yet separate themselves from others with iron fences and layers of technology.



DJ Mondo works through his robot issues on Skull Island.

Here’s a sound sketch from the lab called ‘A Race of Robots’.

Somebody like Ken Burns needs to make a documentary series dedicated to just the fictional robots of popular culture. In most stories, they’re created by humans, but escape their intended role.

It should start with Evil Maria from ‘Metropolis’ (1927) and work up from there.

Comment and let me know if you like the tune.

Check Out the Skull Island Sessions on DJ Mondo’s YouTube Channel.

Take a peek into DJ Mondo’s lab.

Just posted the first of the Skull Island Sessions, a series of short videos of experimental beats, rhythms and sounds that will get inside your head. Skull Island will be kind of a sound sketchbook of techniques and themes. I’m hoping to shipwreck some guests in here to help out, too.

If you love the track and think it has potential, let me know. If you hate it and want to drive a stake through it, let me know that, too.

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