DJ Mondo, terrified the summer is ending, breaks for (Beat) lunch.

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I’m not going to lie. I hate Fall.

It’s mid-August, so I’m getting that pressed-for-time feeling. That feeling that I have to get in all the beach, ice cream truck and outdoor grilling time I can before I have to start wearing a sweater.

On the ‘up’ side, I’m doing more music stuff outside lately. Native Instruments Maschine Mikro, Maschine Jam and I had lunch on the balcony Sunday. We were joined by the iPad and the Korg Gadget app, kept in sync by Ableton Link.

I’m getting it all in now, because I won’t be dancing in September. …I’m looking at you, Earth Wind and Fire.

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DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Dracula is in the House (2016)

DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Dracula is in the House (2016)

DJ Mondo makes another of his annual attempts to write a dance tune based on a single line from an 85 year old film.

For 5 years, he’s tried and failed for one reason or another. But this year is going to be different. Let’s make this tune the Halloween dance standard for years to come!

…or we can just trash it and make another one next year.

Happy Halloween!

The Atomic Luau is a peek into DJ Mondo’s lab. A sound sketchbook of beats, rhythms and noise that will get inside your head.

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DJ Mondo: Unclear on the Pokemon Go concept

At this rate, DJ Mondo will never ‘catch them all’.