Johnny D pens moving homage to The Greatest of Them All.


Johnny D, singer/songwriter/guitarist and friend of the Atomic Luau (We call him the Louisville Legend), has written a stirring musical homage to the late champion, Muhammad Ali.

Called, appropriately, The Greatest of Them All, it has awesome vocals and guitar licks. Combined with a montage of Ali photos, it’s inspiring.

Check it out at the link below. Then go to Johnny D’s website for more music.



DJ Mondo accepts Pope’s tacit approval of everything he says and does. 


To my surprise and great pleasure, I caught Pope Francis giving me the holy ‘thumbs up’ from a bookstore window on Michigan Avenue today.

Since the cardboard cutout is licensed by the Catholic Church, it undoubtedly represents the Holy Father’s approval of everything that passes by that section of street. I’m not sure if the Pontiff heard my tunes Scorched, The Pious DJ or Vulcan Sex Pinch, but I’ll accept his “Keep up the good work, Mondo.” with all the grace and humility that a secular cyborg DJ from the future can muster.

You’re welcome, Vatican.



DJ Mondo pops the (musical) question during the Lunch Rush.

Throw the bouquet and rush down the aisle! After the unnatural marriage of Techno and Funk, your whole life is ahead of you now.

Meet the bride.