DJ Mondo contemplates what drives the masses during the Lunch Rush.

It’s difficult to get a handle on what actually motivates humans to action. Social inequity. Injustice. Governmental corruption. The suffering of other humans. Even when glaringly apparent, these are not always sufficient.

While they’re often tentative, at best, to unite and mobilize for what is generally considered universally desirable  (e.g. social welfare, universal health care, infrastructure maintenance), they’re more than happy to tell anyone that will listen what they hate (that other religion, those people over there, anything that’s not the way it used to be).

Anyway, check out this tune…

DJ Mondo accepts Pope’s tacit approval of everything he says and does. 


To my surprise and great pleasure, I caught Pope Francis giving me the holy ‘thumbs up’ from a bookstore window on Michigan Avenue today.

Since the cardboard cutout is licensed by the Catholic Church, it undoubtedly represents the Holy Father’s approval of everything that passes by that section of street. I’m not sure if the Pontiff heard my tunes Scorched, The Pious DJ or Vulcan Sex Pinch, but I’ll accept his “Keep up the good work, Mondo.” with all the grace and humility that a secular cyborg DJ from the future can muster.

You’re welcome, Vatican.