DJ Mondo: Unclear on the Pokemon Go concept

At this rate, DJ Mondo will never ‘catch them all’.

DJ Mondo – Skull Island Sessions: Coercion Fellowship

DJ Mondo – Skull Island Sessions: Coercion Fellowship

For all the talk of unity and cooperative progress at the Democratic National Convention this week, I’m still left with bad taste in my mouth. It’s the taste of ‘it’s this, which isn’t new or revolutionary, or an even more frightening alternative’.

It’s a coppery taste, kind of like when a vampire bites you. He may genuinely want to be your friend, but you give up a lot and have to do distasteful things to maintain that relationship.

Anyway, I forced some iPad apps to work together to make a tune. Korg IElectribe, Korg iKoassilator and Sugar Bytes Turnado are part of the Coercion Fellowship.

Check it out…

The Skull Island Sessions are a peek into DJ Mondo’s lab. A sound sketchbook of beats, rhythms and noise that will get inside your head.

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