DJ Mondo contemplates what drives the masses during the Lunch Rush.

It’s difficult to get a handle on what actually motivates humans to action. Social inequity. Injustice. Governmental corruption. The suffering of other humans. Even when glaringly apparent, these are not always sufficient.

While they’re often tentative, at best, to unite and mobilize for what is generally considered universally desirable  (e.g. social welfare, universal health care, infrastructure maintenance), they’re more than happy to tell anyone that will listen what they hate (that other religion, those people over there, anything that’s not the way it used to be).

Anyway, check out this tune…

DJ Mondo accepts Pope’s tacit approval of everything he says and does. 


To my surprise and great pleasure, I caught Pope Francis giving me the holy ‘thumbs up’ from a bookstore window on Michigan Avenue today.

Since the cardboard cutout is licensed by the Catholic Church, it undoubtedly represents the Holy Father’s approval of everything that passes by that section of street. I’m not sure if the Pontiff heard my tunes Scorched, The Pious DJ or Vulcan Sex Pinch, but I’ll accept his “Keep up the good work, Mondo.” with all the grace and humility that a secular cyborg DJ from the future can muster.

You’re welcome, Vatican.



DJ Mondo pops the (musical) question during the Lunch Rush.

Throw the bouquet and rush down the aisle! After the unnatural marriage of Techno and Funk, your whole life is ahead of you now.

Meet the bride.

DJ Mondo braves the temperature drop during the Lunch Rush

The temperature was 45°. That’s down from 79° yesterday.

Even in light of that, I got no takers for my Domed City Initiative. 
Ok. I guess you people know what you’re doing. 

Anyway, I’m trying a new tactic to making tunes. I compose, record and post it to SoundCloud during a 20 minute stretch while I’m at lunch. I call it the DJ Mondo Lunch Rush. Here’s the first of them. 

Check it out, comment and show me something you made. 

Bass Gorilla on the loose! DJ Mondo live at the Roots Room tonight!

DJ Mondo_Kong_001

Just like that chimp that escaped in Japan the other day! DJ Mondo will uncage the bass-gorilla live at the Roots Room tonight.

He’ll be backing up and paying great respect to headliners, Roots Rock Society founder and Chicago icon Stann Champion, and guitar sensation and Louisville legend, Johnny D!

5203 N. Kimball in Chicago. Doors open at 8 PM and be sure to have some fantastic Filipino food at Merla’s Kitchen, right next door!


DJ Mondo – Skull Island Sessions: Haboob

This music will create a sandstorm in your mind. Throw a tarp over your brain and drink plenty of liquids. Also, haboob is funny word, so try not to laugh.


The Skull Island Sessions are a peek into DJ Mondo’s lab. A sound sketchbook of beats, rhythms and noise that will get inside your head.

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Fed up with this bullsh*t weather, DJ Mondo initiates Domed City Initiative (DCI). 

Chicago experienced all 4 (maybe even 5) seasons of weather within the span of a few hours today. Quite frankly, I’m sick of sweeping snow off my sunglasses and playing volleyball in a parka. I say as long as I’m trapped in this space/time continuum, and we can’t actually slap a pair of handcuffs on this criminally malicious weather, other measures need to be taken.

That’s why I’m proposing the Domed City Initiative (DCI), a climate control measure that will allow this city to take back its meteorological destiny.

Under DCI, the city will lie protected and comfortable year-round, regardless of what weather nuttiness is raging outside. The space-age polymer dome, using an advanced atmospheric control system, will maintain a comfortable 75F degrees while not restricting transportation, which is good for local commerce and tourism.

I urge you, the good, but weather-worn people of this city, to contact your local municipal representative and demand they start accepting bids for construction and system maintenance of this forward-thinking project (perhaps from DJ Mondo Construction and DJ Mondo Heating & Cooling, respectively).

In an age where a presidential candidate can propose a concrete border wall 30 feet high (40 ft? 80 ft? ….whatevs…), and be taken seriously by the more earthy of voters, DCI is an idea whose time has come.