DJ Mondo – Skull Island Sessions: Special Guest Castaway – 31ric

After a short hiatus, Chicago musician 31ric (a.k.a. The Lord of Thunder) picks up his bass for some informal jamming with DJ Mondo.

31ric washed up on the shores of Skull Island during some severe weather this week. He didn’t have to ‘get his chops back’, because they never left.

Have a listen to this Skull Island session, then check out his blog ( and Twitter feed (@1bluebass).
The Skull Island Sessions are a peek into DJ Mondo’s lab. A sound sketchbook of beats, rhythms and noise that will get inside your head.

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DJ Mondo contemplates what drives the masses during the Lunch Rush.

It’s difficult to get a handle on what actually motivates humans to action. Social inequity. Injustice. Governmental corruption. The suffering of other humans. Even when glaringly apparent, these are not always sufficient.

While they’re often tentative, at best, to unite and mobilize for what is generally considered universally desirable  (e.g. social welfare, universal health care, infrastructure maintenance), they’re more than happy to tell anyone that will listen what they hate (that other religion, those people over there, anything that’s not the way it used to be).

Anyway, check out this tune…

DJ Mondo contemplates what lies below during the Lunch Rush. 

I’ve noticed humans watch the sky a lot. 

Traditionally, a lot of good things come from the sky. Gods. Angels. Benevolent aliens.

Humans don’t seem to consider much the opposite of those things that are traditionally thought to come from underground.

You feel that shaking? Maybe it was that truck that just passed. Maybe not.

Check out this tune.