DJ Mondo and Rotter Studios hilariously share thoughts on The Dark Knight 10 years On (Video).

Almost 10 years ago, Christopher Nolan’s now-classic treatment of the Batman tale hit theaters, bringing a new age of gritty realism to superhero movies.

Steve Rotter of Rotter Studios and The Joker Box YouTube channels invited DJ Mondo to reminisce about the film, the phenomenon, Heath Ledger and evolution of the superhero movie.

After the video, check out Steve’s blog at

Atomic Luau battles Rotter Studios in never-ending Star Wars debate.

As the internet continues to burn with debate over whether or not Star Wars: The Last Jedi was good, YouTuber and friend of the Atomic Luau, Steve Rotter of Rotter Studios took a moment to Skype his concerns in lively (and hilarious) discussion with DJ Mondo.

A life-long (and quite emotional) Star Wars fan, Steve aired his concerns over characters, plot points, Disney and (for some reason) Batman while DJ Mondo acted as therapist.

Check out the conversation in the video below (SPOILERS!). When you’re done, go to Steve’s YouTube channel for more funny content.

DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Dracula is in the House (2016)

DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Dracula is in the House (2016)

DJ Mondo makes another of his annual attempts to write a dance tune based on a single line from an 85 year old film.

For 5 years, he’s tried and failed for one reason or another. But this year is going to be different. Let’s make this tune the Halloween dance standard for years to come!

…or we can just trash it and make another one next year.

Happy Halloween!

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