Enough chest-beating, already. I’m sore.

Humans, much like the frilled lizard, often use attitude over substance to affect the perception of their relative size.

This is particularly apparent in an election year.

Anyway, check out this tune…


DJ Mondo calls for checks on checks and balances. 

Humans used to trust their leadership.

That was the 1950s.

Modern human  leaders rely more on public confusion, indifference and apathy. 

someone you don’t know is right now deciding …

…Where you will live.

…What you are willing to eat.

…What entertains you.

…If your children deserve to be educated.

…[add your personal concern here.]

Anyway, check out this track…

DJ Mondo gets the Heebie Jeebies, drops track.

I spent the weekend watching presidential campaign coverage.

There are people in the world that have no clue what they look or sound like. Or maybe they do know, but they don’t care. Or maybe they do care and their facade is meticulously orchestrated.

Anyway, it gave me the Willies and the Heebie Jeebies. I usually don’t get those at the same time.

Check out this track…


New mobile Skull Island Sessions added to DJ Mondo’s YouTube channel

I added  a few new sound sketches the YouTube channel.

Working out a few ideas, but it’s also a test for capturing sound via direct input to my camera. It’s difficult to find the right gain and get clear sound without clipping. But hopefully, this will mean more spur-of-the-moment mobile video beat making.

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DJ Mondo makes a few notes for his acceptance speech.

It’s election year and DJ Mondo throws his do-rag into the ring in a bid to be the President of Techno-Funk.

Since no one else is running, he’ll probably get it.

Skull Island Sessions: DJ Mondo gets territorial.

A quirky track called (This is) Our City. Interesting in an age where humans are desperate to socialize, yet separate themselves from others with iron fences and layers of technology.