Chicago horror show host icon Svengoolie notices DJ Mondo exists!

It finally happened! Chicago horror show host icon, Svengoolie showed my picture on his show last week! It pops up right before a commercial break in the movie ‘This Island Earth’ (terrible, terrible film from 1955).

For those that don’t know, Svengoolie is a long-running local program in the Chicago area and in recent years expanded nationally. The character Svengoolie, played by Rich Koz, airs low-budget, horror and science fiction movies (my favorite). As far as I know, he’s the last of the horror show hosts, a phenomenon that started in the 1950s, when television was still relatively new and local markets aired cheap, old movies, giving them them new life and new fans. Rich Koz has been hosting since the 1980s.

To have him give me a shout-out is as if the clouds parted and Zeus looked down at me and said, “Hey, dude.”

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