DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Midnight Snax Trax – Techno-Fiddle Fusion

DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Midnight Snax Trax – Techno-Fiddle Fusion

Friend of the Atomic Luau, Chris Marshall, progenitor of Neo-Swedenborgianism and host of Out of the Blue, dropped by the studio with his fiddle for some live stream improvisation (originally on Facebook, but reposted here with the technical glitches minimized).

Chris’ contribution is pure fiddle, while I needed assistance from the Novation Circuit, iPad and the apps Link-to-MIDI, AudioBus 3, and Turnado.

After you listen, check out Chris Marshall’s YouTube channel here:

The Atomic Luau is a peek into DJ Mondo’s lab. A sound sketchbook of beats, rhythms and noise that will get inside your head.

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