DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Just Go Ahead and Panic

DJ Mondo’s Atomic Luau: Just Go Ahead and Panic

Look, it’s easy to say ‘stay calm’ and ‘it’s not so bad’ or any of those other inanities that are meant to dismiss a genuine human reaction in the face of something that’s actually terrible.

I say go with it. Freak out and run around in a circle. It’s the human thing to do.


I love BeatMaker 2. Venerable iPad app from way back. A $10 portable recording studio on your iPad. It has lost none of its usefulness. In fact, it’s even better now that new features like Ableton Link have been added. Check it out…

The Atomic Luau is a peek into DJ Mondo’s lab. A sound sketchbook of beats, rhythms and noise that will get inside your head.

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